Which essential oils for migraine use better?

Today we will talk about fragrances and essential oils for migraines.

essential oils for migraineThis post opens the ways how to manage migraine alone and do it without medication. That is, we’ll talk about how to manage the frequency of your migraine. Of course, the doctor’s help is needed here, but you can achieve real results only by showing your own initiative. Believe me, about 50% of success in controlling migraine depends on you! You can do a lot, and I will tell you how.

The beneficial effects of essential oils for migraine on the nervous and cardiovascular systems have been known for a long time. Possessing a vasodilator effect, they help to relieve pain, and their pleasant, soothing scent provokes your relaxation.

To relieve headache, you always need to know its cause and nature. Does cold or fatigue provoke it? Is the pain chronic or occurs during periods? Choose the oil that can eliminate the problem itself. Eucalyptus and peppermint, rosemary and lavender have the necessary antiseptic properties. The lavender also helps to cope with fatigue, especially when combined with chamomile. If the cause of the pain is spasm, then the best thing is the rose, oregano and anise. Rosemary, lemon, bergamot, nutmeg sage, cypress – the oils of these plants also help to get rid of the ailment; grapefruit deals with stress and give vivacity.

essential oils for migraine

It is also necessary to take into account individual contraindications. Not all oils are suitable for pregnant women or those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases and, for example, kidney failure. Remember about safety measures, because sometimes in case of high sensitive skin essential oil can cause an allergic reaction or a burn. Before use, read the instructions for your oil to find out the safe concentration for the application you have chosen.

Among all the recipes, the most effective are mixtures of oils:

Tea tree and thyme (2 drops each), sage (1 drop) and lemon (3 drops) – against the pain during a cold disease;

Marjoram, lavender and mint (2 drops each) – against spasms;

Lemon (1 drop), chamomile (2 drops) and lavender (3 drops) – in case of stress;

Mint and lavender (2 drops each), geranium and lemon (1 drop) – against migraine.

Someone will advise to use the aroma lamp or take an aromatic bath. Some people prefer to drip on a pillow before going to bed, and someone helps massage (but then do not forget about the base oil). There are many options, so choose the most effective mixture and the most convenient way to use it!